Speech, Media and LEADERSHIP Training

Expert Communications & Training, Inc.

Communications, Branding & Public Affairs​

Campaign, public speaking & leadership Training

Command your audiences' attention with our style coaching, theme and message development, training and media Q&A practice.  Dynamically communicate your message. Be prepared, be comfortable, be your best.  Become a great communicator! Learn how to provide sound-bites and memorable statements.

We train you to speak with confidence and passion and to be recognized as a unique, dynamic speaker and leader.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes and instead connect with your audience.  

Training includes private filming and private review to help you unlock your potential, see your improvement while increasing your confidence.

Training services include:
-  How to be a “Great Communicator”
-  Message Strategy (based on media type)
-  Message Development

-  Media Q&A Practice, Answering Tough Questions
-  Speech Presentation Foundation
-  Creating Your Unique Style
    -  Avoiding Common, Yet Disastrous Mistakes
    -  Connecting With and Winning Over Your Audience
    -  How to Project a Confident Presence
    -  How to Personalize Your Message While Connecting With Your Audience 

-  What to, and What Not to, Wear

-  Posture and Props
-  How to Be a Leader
(partial list)

Leadership.  Everyone knows it when they see it, but a select few are able to achieve it. A leader promotes the talents of others, welcomes their input, and then only succeeds when others succeed with them.  

Learn what it takes to become a leader.  Training includes looking at your and your team's strengths and weaknesses to improve how you interact with and motivate others. Unlock your potential and motivate your team.

Private and group training is offered to help you not only reach your potential, but also surpass it.