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Expert Communications & Training, Inc.

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Campaign, public speaking & leadership Training

With over a quarter century of winning tough campaigns including over fifteen years of "expert" political training, we create and implement campaign schools tailored to our clients needs. We teach the fine art and science of planning, implementing and winning campaigns to GOP or bi-partisan audiences. Never before has it been so easy to figure out how to get from point A "announcement" to point B - victory on election day.

Clients and audiences served:
-  Elected Officials

-  Political Candidates
-  Campaign Professionals and Volunteers
-  National, State and Local Parties
-  Associations and Political Action Committees

We will create and implement a program specific to your needs -- private training, large groups, or we can come in as a special trainer to help you with your program.
Sample training sessions include:
-  What is a political campaign?

-  Campaign plan development
-  Building a campaign organization
-  Messaging and targeted communications
-  Public speaking
-  Voter persuasion paid communications
-  Grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor & GOTV training
-  Press relations/dealing with the media

-  Campaigning online

-  Writing a political bio

-  Role of the family/campaign scheduling
-  Cable show presentation
-  And much more.